Friday, November 19, 2010

Fast Forward

See? I was blogging so well, and then....I traveled. Wah....waaaaaaahhhh. But! There's good and bad here. I'll do a Cliff Notes drive by of my week and catch back up. Try to jump back on the wagon and all. First of all, after my race to Charlotte and back for my suitcase containing all of my worldly possessions, I had lunch with a former fourth grade student who is now a freshman in college. Want to feel old? Go do that. But it was really great to see her all grown up and catch up on what happened to the rest of my former students. She told me she was impressed that a) I didn't pick her up in a minivan, and b) I used the word "ghetto" in conversation. I'll take it.

Saturday morning, I headed north to visit my pal Eddie and her boy toy. I left the chil-rens with my parents, pressed play on my book on CD, and took off! When I found myself lost in Tight Squeeze, Virginia (for real, this is a place. They even have a Tight Squeeze Business Center), I realized that perhaps I hadn't been paying attention too well. A mere 20 minute detour and I was on my way. Somewhere along the trip, I also crossed Difficult Creek and wished I'd had my camera out for these classic photo ops. Alas.

At Eddie's house? I got to shop, go to an art gallery showing, have an adult dinner, sleep in my own bed, and shoot pool for the first time in, oh....10 years. (I'm still supremely awful.) It was all pretty relaxing and fabulous until I got the voice mail from my mom. "Um, Pigs? Piglet sort of just threw up. Twice. All over his bed and covers and pajamas." OF COURSE HE DID. Wait til I go away for a mere 24 hour visit, and he has to make me all guilty and worried. He puked again at 1am, in case you were wondering. You know why? Because he ate four pieces of pizza for dinner. Yep. That'll do it every time. Shudder. And guilt.

I hightailed it home in the morning, bathed both kids (I swear they smelled like puke), and finished my trip with a visit with Baby Lucy, the boys' mutual one year old crush who just visited us in October. The crush remains in tact, as they talked about her for the next two days. Drove back to the ATL on Monday with my mom in tow. I like to import her once or twice a year to get good face time and some built in adult companionship in my preschool-heavy world. It's been lovely. Nothing too blog-worthy this week, unless you want a play by play of my haircut or my eye doctor appointment.

My book club met last night on The Help, and it was honestly the most interesting conversation I have heard in a long time. I had to leave early because my sister and brother in law blew in from the north for a night en route to Florida and I had to get home to see them quickly before they blew out again. It was hard to leave, though, because I wanted to talk about MORE THINGS! I loved that book and wasn't done with it. I'm still seeking a couple of follow up meetings. Maybe I'll crash some other people's book clubs when they discuss it. You know, like the old folks at the library? When I see that book come up on the agenda, I'm just going to crash the meeting.

Anyhoo, got home last night, led sis and BIL to guest room, prepared to crash, went to check on Pigpen to find him with a 103 degree temperature. SIGH, SIGH, SIGH. Took him to the pediatrician today to find him with some sort of sinus dilemma involving green snot and, strangely, diarrhea. Who knew? We're back on antibiotics for the first time since the tubes and adenoid surgery. And there we are. All caught up on the Clearly Important Parts. Will be jumping back on wagon.

PS - I noticed this evening that I am only 8 books away from my yearly goal of 50 books. I'm halfway through my book on CD in the car and my pooping book in the bathroom, so really it's only six books I have left! It's so in my reach this year that it's alarming.


girlfiend said...

Now I'm on the edge of my seat. How do you choose your pooping books?

Janessa said...

Ugh!  Sorry the boys have been sick.  Been wanting to purchase The Help - glad to hear it's a good read.  Have a great Thanksgiving!

Christy M said...

I have The Help on my "to read" list.  Good to hear from someone else it's worth the read!

Pigs said...

WELL. You'll be riveted to know that I have been reading the cheesy vampire series on which the HBO series True Blood is based. (A show I've never seen, but the books make for good pooping books.)

Anonymous said...

I am impressed that you even HAVE a separate poop book.  I just take mine with me everywhere.

I missed The Help the month we read it, but it's on my list of things to borrow from my MIL.

Have you ever read the Maisie Dobbs mystery series?  HIGHLY recommend if you haven't.  Pick it up at the library today!

Katie Barron said...

um, yeah, that 'guest' was me.  Whoops.