Monday, October 18, 2010

This post was apparently brought to you by Swagbucks. And the local sheriff.

Spent today trapped in the house with two kids, mostly because I was trying to get Piglet well enough to go to school tomorrow so I don't have to forfeit my 9:15 tennis match. Priorities!! So we played outside, we did playdoh, we played in the basement. There was laundry, Goodwill sorting and recording on a tidy chart for tax purposes, grocery list making, and meal planning rounded out the morning. I finally took a shower for the first time since Friday, so that was a key moment for all involved, especially since Piglet informed me last night that my hair does not look good in a ponytail.

It was a pretty uneventful day, but since SOME PEOPLE (looking at you, MommyProf) have mentioned my lack of posting in public forums, I am trying to to better. Do you see what you were missing out on? It's really hard to stop reading, I bet. I bet the suspense is killing you to know what's next. A not-so-shocking tease: It involved a grocery store. Brace yourself.

I'm pretty sure the two teenaged boys who checked me out - upon rereading, I will clarify I mean using a cash register, not looking at my goods - at Kroger were not at all impressed by my "Reading is Sexy" t-shirt. My clue came when one pointed at my shirt and said, "Seriously?" to the other. I'm relatively certain that was directed at my lack of, um....appeal. Sadly, that was post-shower too. Ah, well. I was just excited that I only spent $28 on groceries this week and saved 55% in the process. Go me! And, SheSpeaks sent me a $10 Amazon gift card today too that I added to my $25 Amazon money from Swagbucks. I am rolling in free money.

Hey now, speaking of, if you aren't doing Swagbucks, get on it. It's so easy - just use it instead of Google and earn money for searching. I've been using it for about a year and a half or so and I've earned eighteen $5 cards to Amazon. I would tell you how much money that is, but I'm too lazy to multiply. If you haven't signed up, sign up here.

Search & Win

And if you signed up before, get on it! Earn those points! (Except you, Laura B. - you rocked out on points! Impressive.) So you know, when I went to go fetch the code for that banner? I won 8 Swagbucks. You doubters. Okay, didn't mean to go all commercial sales on you there, got distracted.

Just to finish of the randomness that is this post, I will share with you a portion of an email I got today that cracked me up. I'm signed up to receive messages for our neighborhood watch that are trickled down from the local sheriff's department (think Barney Fife).

(Just won 5 Swagbucks searching for that picture, by the way.) So, they send out this message, some names changed for my own amusement:

Note: Remember, this was considered newsworthy enough to email to the whole town.

The Podunk County Sheriff's Office Community Relations Unit has received a number of telephone calls and emails in the last few days relating to a white male driving a Red Dodge Dakota pickup truck from the Country Creek area.

We have spoken with Country Creek PD several times. They have interviewed this man in the alert about 10 days ago. Country Creek Police determined this man committed no violation and is no threat to anybody. They are familiar with him and where he lives. The complaint is that this man talks to himself using a puppet and he ride around the North HeeHaw /Country Creek area in his truck. He has not been seen and Country Creek Police have not had any calls about him in almost two weeks.

There is an email making the rounds advising this person is a registered sex offender in Farmtown. The person that was identified in the red Pickup and the sex offender who lives in Farmtown are two totally different people. The man in the truck and the man identified as the sex offender on the email link have different names, they just both happen to be older white males.

So, once my hyena-like hysteria subsides, this is where I'm confused. Are we concerned that there is a sex offender driving around? Are we worried that people are confusing these two fine gentlemen? Are we worried that puppet dude is missing? I can't tell if this is an APB or an Amber Alert. I'm confused by the fact that puppet dude has been MIA for two weeks, yet the PoPo talked to him ten days ago.The capitalization of Pickup leads me to wonder if there is a missing vehicle or just a generic pickup, as opposed to the more specified Red Dodge Dakota. Or is this just a commentary on the fact that "they just both happen to be older white males." Is this a warning against racial profiling? And what about this puppet? I just want to read it again and again, but everytime I do I find another grammar error that makes me laugh some more. I would love to hear any theories you may have come up with!


Laura B. said...

Wow.. that is an awesome email.

Also, I second the Swagbucks!  Since I've enrolled (a yearish ago?) I've earned ~5 gift cards from Amazon ($5).  Its FREE money people!  I use it to feed my knitting habit, since my husband doesn't see the need for me to have 6 different types of yarn.

Also, so glad you're posting again Pigs!  It may be mundane to you, but its entertainment to us!

Nicole said...

I can't come up with any theories.  Too much water is coming out of my nose.

mommyprof said...

I think the lack of appreciation for Reading is Sexy says more about the viewer than the wearer. Just sayin'

On the bright side, at least they could read the shirt...

katielady said...

That email is very 'small town' to me.  And I'm with you, too many questions!

Allison said...

I'm just impressed that the swag bucks banner has two Star Wars characters on it :D

I signed up a while back on my old job computer.  I'm going to try to remember to put it on my home computer.

Pigs said...

A- You don't have to put anything on your computer. Just go to and log in to start earning bucks!