Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fire! Sickness! Malaise! Oh, and some cheer.

So, somehow I managed to catch my toaster oven on fire while making dinner tonight. I neglected a tortilla I had tossed in there for picky Pigpen and gotten busy with my quesadilla extravaganza. The next thing I knew, there was smoke pouring out of the toaster oven and when I opened the door (hello, oxygen!) the thing burst into flames all the way up into my cabinets. SERIOUSLY?

Naturally, I panicked and starting screaming out the back door to Mr. Pigs, "FIRE! FIRE!" He thought I was yelling spider, which wasn't entirely irrational of him, but he booked with purpose inside nonetheless. I yanked the cord out of the wall and it sort of fizzled itself out. No damage except for a strong residual char smell that I can't get rid of.

The smell takes me back to my dorm fire of '96 when an extension cord to a dorm fridge caught a rug on fire and torched a good part of our hall in the middle of the night. I've decided I must have died in a fire in a past life because ever since I was a little kid, it's always been my biggest fear. You'd think I would have paid my dues with that dorm fire. I mean, we lost clothes, shoes, luggage....I had a milk crate melt, my good posters were charred. The worst was the goldfish I shared with my roommate basically boiled. Poor Sebastian.

I digress. I lost a perfectly good tortilla tonight and now I'm not sure if I should use the toaster tomorrow. My gut feeling is no. Maybe I'll give it a test run in the driveway or somewhere safer than my counter. Anyway....

My house is sick. Piglet was up all night coughing, and therefore I was up alongside him, watching him cough, feeding him honey, administering inhalers, setting up humidifiers. I slept in this morning and took a two hour nap this afternoon, so that means I'll be up half of tonight wired. I am hoping this is the cold Pigpen has last week, and not a new one that he will get. Mr. Pigs has it too, which adds to the misery. Aren't I full of cheer and good news tonight? Aren't you glad you stopped by?

I'm going to think of something cheerful.

I got a check for twenty dollars for trying some diapers for a research company? My new thing, aside from being the cheapest person ever as far as saving money, is trying to actually earn some. I'm doing the market reasearch stuff...taking surveys online.....I babysit my next door neighbors twice a week after school. What else can I do from home? I do have 3 mornings a week that I could do something, but I can't figure out what I could do just three mornings a week. I'm perplexed. Would love any creative suggestions from y'all.


Anonymous said...

What about freelance editing?

Tree of Knowledge said...

That suggestion is from me. Apparently I can't work comments.

Pigs said...

Now I like that idea and I'm good at editing. But how in the world do I get started on something like that? I'm stumped.

Tree of Knowledge said...

If there are any publishing houses or university presses in your area, you can start by contacting them and seeing if they farm out the editing; some do.

The other thing is to list your services with publishers that don't do much in-house editing (if they will pass on a list to authors) or list your services in writing magazines and on writing forums. You could also list your services with the graduate school and grad programs at the local uni. People writing dissertations and theses might jump at the chance to pay someone to look for misplaced commas.

When I edited a collection of essays last year, my co-editor hired a copyeditor for us because the publisher didn't do that themselves. She also indexed the book for us; so that's something else (index academic books).

I'm sure "freelance editor" will pull up some legitimate results too in a web search. And I think there's an editing association you can list with, but I don't know what it's called.

katielady said...

I was going to say editing or proof-reading, too.  My SIL did that (the one you are friends with, Bubba's Sis) for a while, you should contact her about it.