Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rah Rah! Sis boom bah!

Guess what preschool starting did to the blog? Somehow it snuffed it. I've only had 3 days of freedom so far, and it was as though I had to cram an entire summer's worth of me/errand time into those three days. I can't adjust to the idea that I have this until May. I'm sure I'll settle down soon and come off my high.

Not too much news to report. Pigpen and Piglet both had great first weeks at school. They both like their teachers and Piglet has several friends in his class from last year that he was super-excited to see. The big news this week (aside from getting to go to the grocery store by myself....squeee!) was that daddy took Piglet to a Clemson game yesterday. He's big into Clemson and big into football.

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Last night he got home from the game, exuberant! Elated! Thrilled! Ecstatic! I scooped him into my lap and demanded a rundown of the day. I couldn't wait to hear what he thought. "I saw the CHEERLEADERS!" he exclaimed joyfully. Great, I thought. My all boy, dirt digging, construction loving, ball throwing, rough neck of a child OF COURSE loves to look at the girls in the short skirts flitting about. I rolled my eyes at Mr. Pigs, who was shaking his head in disdain.

After 20 minutes of dialogue about the cheerleaders and none about football, it began to take shape for me that Piglet was not admiring the cheerleaders....he wants to BE a cheerleader. He says they wear bathing suits and have pompoms. This morning, he came downstairs for church in his swim trunks, a monster truck t-shirt, and a tobaggan - his version of a cheerleader's uniform. Manly. Imagine Mr. Pigs' pride.

It's pretty comical if you know Piglet in person at all because he's not particularly effeminate. It appears the phase is already passing because this afternoon, he and Pigpen were taking turns running touchdowns in our dining room. He handed me the orange pompom and told me I had to be the cheerleader because I was the girl. I gave it my best, but I hate to break it to him that I'm not exactly cheer material either.


Aims said...

Oh what I would give to see you doing your best cheer!!

Christy M said...

LOL!  How cute!  Guess he put you in your place. ;)

Meredith said...

That is fantastic!  I'd like to see the whole family cheering.  :)

katielady said...

Drew loves the 'dancing girls' too.  ;)   He went to an SMU game with Daddy and that and the pony running across the field after a touchdown were all he could tell me about the entire game.