Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Ma'am, it looks like you done kilt it." -Appliance Repairman

I paid him $65 to tell me that. Tragedy has struck my home: I have killed my dryer. One minute, it was drying just fine, the next minute, it was kaput. Done. Dead. The repair guy quoted me $238 to replace the timer. Is that really worth a fix on a 5 year old dryer? I dunno. How much does a new one cost? I dunno. What I DO know is that I can't go to the gym anymore until I buy a dryer, unless I plan to go in my jeans without a sports bra. I also know that none of us are going to have anything to wear to Piglet's 4th birthday party on Friday or to the Clemson game on Saturday. TRAGEDY, I tell you.

So, Piglet is having the first birthday party he's had since he was one, since I'm such a great mom like that. He has requested a football cake, which I taught myself how to make on Sunday for good practice before the real event:

Cute, huh? I'm making another one tomorrow. That one got sent to work with Mr. Pigs so that I wouldn't eat the whole thing. My self-control only works if there are no options around here.

We went to the beach last week with my parents for a fun trip. The boys got to miss school because,'s the beach. The beach in September is so surprisingly nice. Mid to high 80s temps, no crowds....very fun. Here are the highlights:

Massive construction projects occupied most of the beach time.

This looks so forced I can't even fake a caption.

Playing a bizarre pretend game in which they took turns putting each other to bed.

What would be a really cute picture if daddy didn't have a beer can in his hand.

It's not a true Pigs vacation until Piglet pees in public somewhere.

This has nothing to do with the beach, it just made me laugh to find Pigpen in the dog bed.

So those are the highlights. Now I have to spend the next two days baking cakes, preparing goodie bags, and finding a good deal on a dryer, stat. Any suggestions are welcome. Or coupons. Or gifts of love. 


watercat said...

It would be pretty easy to clone out the arm and beer can in Photoshop.  Do you know anyone who works with Photoshop?

Aims said...

Super cute pictures and very impressive cake! Can't really believe that Piglet is already 4. Time really flies when it's dragging along at a snail's pace, huh?

Anonymous said...

love the pictures!  hope the birthday party and dryer replacement goes well.  we were in a similar predicament with our dryer about 2 years ago - we took a risk and opted to fix it and so far so good.  i hear great things about the new models!!!  good luck!

Janessa said...

guest was me ;)