Wednesday, May 26, 2010


1. Laryngitis, itchy cough, asthma.
2. Kidney stone stuck somewhere on left side.
3. Gallons of water, copious peeing.
4. Piglet accidentally napped.
5. Plan to take kids swimming to combat rogue nap.
6. Thunder happened.
7. Trapped in house with wild kids and kidney stone.
8. Mr. Pigs working until 10pm.
9. Put non-tired kids to bed alone.
10. Obnoxious kid knocks on door for ten minutes while Gus barks as I attempt to put said non-tired kids to bed.


mommyprof said...

So sorry about the kidney stone!

Jim said...

If you managed to avoid killing anybody, I'm impressed.

Aims said...

Dude, you need some Calgon, stat!