Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jonesin' for sugar

Pigpen is bawling. "WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!"

Piglet: Mommy? Can I have some fruit snacks?

[This is a big deal, as fruit snacks and anything else sweet is banned in our house, but he got them at school from teacher as part of end of year present. Alas.]

Me: No, you already had some. And there's two left and unless you share with Pigpen you have to wait.

Piglet: I'll share!

Me: Okay. (he's already loaded on sugar, let's just go with it. And the full moon. And daddy out of town.)

Pigpen: [still bawling] WAAAHHHHHH!

Piglet: Hey! Pigpen! Do you want some fruit snacks? They have sugar in them? Like cake!

Perhaps I've been a bit too intense on the sugar around here.


Anonymous said...


Pop B said...

You give them lil' boys some fruit snacks!

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