Monday, February 08, 2010

It's always Tuesday, except for today.

Man, this is one of those Mondays. I know with me it's historically been Tuesday, but today is for sure a Monday. I have to tell you that the main reason I am kvetchy about it is that my hair is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. How can I be expected to have a good day when my head looks like a piece of ornamental shrubbery?

I blame the hair on Pigpen. Or Piglet. Or some combination thereof. Mondays are bad because there's no preschool for either, no playgroup, no friends to play with because it's Monday and no one can get rolling on Mondays, especially in the morning. As a direct result of the lack of activity, the only choices I have regarding showering are a) shower the night before (see head as shrubbery illustration, above), b) don't shower (can't do it), or c) shower while there are two small people racing about-

-Interjection: Just had to take a break because Piglet yelled from the bathroom, "Mommy! We've got a problem here!" That's never a good break in your lunch eating.

-throwing Legos into the bathtub, pulling toothpaste out of drawers, and pretending to apply my makeup, something that Mr. Pigs has requested I discourage. So, after racing through a shower so I could jump out and protect the tv screen, Mr. Pigs' glasses, and Piglet's head from the iron, I gave up on the hair. It's slowly getting larger and larger as it dries. Reminiscent of a Chia Pet. I hope I don't see anyone I know today.

I'm not even sure what my train of thought was. Clearly, I have jumped from the train.

See? Now I just published this post somehow and I'm not even done writing it. Maybe that's a sign that I should be done. But, if I was done, I couldn't tell you about Piglet crashing headfirst into a chair in the basement and getting a black eye, bruised cheek and cut over his eye. Or how Pigpen hit him in the head with a sippy cup right after that. Or how they got out all the winter clothes to play dress up while I called the doctor's office.

Or how, despite the fact that he's a total slob, Pigpen has learned the word "mess" and likes to point out messes, many of which he has made, so that I can clean them up. This morning, he pulled all of the grassy stuff out of my fake ficus tree and spread it all over the foyer. "Mama! Mama! [points] Mess! Mess!" Then at lunch, he threw grape shrapnel and yogurt on the floor. "Mess! Mess!" It really simplifies my life living with Captain Obvious.

It's been a while since I've graced anyone with pictures, so I'll throw a few out there.

First, we have ye olde Gus. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about him. He's even been asking if I'll let him post again because it's been a while. We had company in town this weekend. When this happens, we remove the dog blanket from his chair and allow guests to sit in the chair. This offends Gus greatly, so he stomps off in a dignified humph and get into my bed everytime. Normally, he burrows under the covers, but this night I found him just so:

I am TOO a person! Yes I am!

And then there's the children. When you're not sure what to do with them, the best thing is to stick them in anywhere that contains water. Tub, shower, pool, whatever. Me? I like to throw in a scrub brush and a Johnson & Johnson Buddy Bar (free at Target, I have over 30, anyone in need?) and you get the bonus cleanliness.

Slave Labor

Finally, the tail end of this morning's dress up session. I think Piglet looks rather like Aunt Maude with that newborn skull cap stretched over his gourd. (This was pre-accident with chair)

Winter Dress Up

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