Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Eight isn't bad...

Some of my neighbors have been telling me how much they miss the preschool years because it's so much harder when they get older and have homework and activities and the parents are pressured to volunteer a lot.


I am struggling to process this when they speak of how easy the preschool years were. The preschool years to me are super awesome during the actual preschool hours. These hours being from 9-1 on Tuesday and Thursday. The rest of the time, I'm chasing, lifting, taking, wiping, cleaning, separating, rescuing, and well, more cleaning. I can't sit and watch them play, I have to follow Pigpen around and make sure he doesn't sustain brain damage on the steps, the top of the kitchen table, or the dog door. I have to watch him all the time to make sure he doesn't eat the cracker he found under the fridge, or the lowercase letter E he found in the couch, or the acorn he found in the yard.

So, I'm seeking to focus on good things about them being preschoolers aside from them actually being in preschool. I've worked very hard on this list.

1. They can't tell time.
2. While there isn't a nap in my house, there is a quiet time.
3. They don't yet know what all the other kids are doing or what they have.
4. They believe the ridiculous things I tell them. (Example: You can run way faster if your toenails have been clipped.)
5. Breaking a cookie into 4 pieces means they have 4 cookies.
6. I get to sleep until 7:45 most days.
7. They are in bed by 7:30pm.
8. Ummmm.....

If you have any additions to this list, I would welcome the suggestions. I was really hoping to make it to ten.

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