Monday, January 11, 2010

Which is worse - a muffin top or back fat?

Howdy, folks. I'm bummed out about my blog. I was talking with Eddie today and she informed me that no one reads blogs anymore. Ahhh! [channel Miss Piggy when you read that, please.] But? I kind of still like writing mine. Sometimes I feel like I'm out here in the blogosphere alone, but then I sneak a peak at the stats and I know a whole mess of you are still reading it and this makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Much like a muffin.

Hey, I made muffins today! There's been some bananas taking a slow path to death on my counter for about four days now and today I finally up and made some muffins. I have to make banana bread in muffin form to slow down the eating of said muffins by a few boys in my house. Call it portion control, easy lunch box packing, whatever. It works for us. And I got all kinds of fancy and sprinkled oats and brown sugar on top, so these muffins are straight up La-Tee-Da. I'm kind of impressed that I just spent a whole paragraph on muffins.

Hmmm. How to segue from muffins?

Ah! This is the time of year when one becomes reacquainted with one's muffin top. Mine is more noticeable on the left side than the right due to my scoliosis which makes it more of a muffin overflow situation. Like the muffin that splooshed out to one side when you jiggled the pan en route to the oven? That's what I have. Sadly, I'm lame and hate exercise, so I'm just going to have to lay off the desserts. This brings us back to muffins. Sigh.

[abrupt shift]

Today was one of those days when Piglet decided to take a nap. He's done this, oh....3 times since March? And of COURSE the day that he chooses to do this is the day that Pigpen has a party in his crib during naptime. I can't win. But! Tomorrow is a double preschool day and I'm going to run the errands from last Thursday's cancelled double preschool snow day. [happy dance!] I'll try to focus on that. I did go out and buy Pigpen a little Elmo backpack because I felt guilty that he was having to take the diaper bag because the only extra backpack had Piglet's name embroidered on it.

A strange peace has settled over this house. I'm not even sure how to act in this still....quiet...weirdness. I am still shocked that they both went to bed at reasonable hours after napping until 5pm. GASP! What if they wake up at 5am? That's what they're going to do, aren't they? Oh, gosh. Gotta get to bed. Stat.

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