Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Great Distraction

Okay, so now we know y'all are present, so how 'bout some participation here and there, huh? How 'bout? Remember the old days? The "oh, your principal is awful, should be in jail" kind of days? We had good talks then. Good talks. Let's do that some more so I don't have to request your presence and possibly be a comment whore as girlfiend loves to point out.

Today was day three of having two kids in preschool. It's kind of awesome. I had big plans: library, a return at Belk's, and the bank. I did go to the bank, I did! But then it all kind of fell apart. For reasons unclear to me, the library didn't open today until 1:00. I'm pretty sure this had something to do with it being Tuesday. I shoved all my books into the return box, only to find it full and they all fell back out. There were of course cars behind me and I caused a scene. Somehow I never made it to Belk's because I got waylaid by Home Goods (table for porch for $22!) and Pier One's 75% off Christmas sale. Oh, for shame. The amount of glitter I brought home with me was scandalous for a January purchase. (75% off!!)

Soon, I picked up my little boogers (Piglet had snowman homework, Pigpen was a big helper during clean up) and came home. Pigpen napped, Piglet made a heap of noise, I cleaned. After school, the neighbors I babysit came over. My biggest trouble there is getting the little one to do her homework. You'd think a teacher would be better at this. Suggestions?

So, since my day was so boring, I shall address a new topic: Grown Women Acting Like Teenagers as They Use Facebook as a Weapon. Is this a problem on anyone else's Facebook page? I have never seen anything quite like it. It's only in my local scene, but good Lord! There are people I know who are vicious! I'm not going to give details, but does anyone else see this? It's like the new way to make people feel left out.

*Note: I'm having a really hard time concentrating on this topic because Gus is staring at me because I have the audacity to eat popcorn with parmesan cheese in front of him. As though he wasn't JUST NOW in my bed rooting his dog self under my sheets. Puh-leeeze. Like I'd share.

Back to my point....SERIOUSLY. It's like undercover gossip. I have FB friends who leave "items" in their status updates that are kind of hints? Clues? Because they want their other friends to know that they did something without them? Or they will leave a clue as to an upcoming event that someone else isn't invited to. I'm not kidding. These are grown women. It's ridiculous. And yet, I keep reading them!

Sorry so scattered tonight. Popcorn. American Idol. Gus up in my business. And maybe some Facebook. *blushes*

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