Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chop, chop

Have you ever tried to give a wiggly 16 month old with fine, thin bird hair a haircut? Really? Did you cut your kid's finger with the scissors too? Hmm. Thought that was just me. Vote in the comments for me for Mother of the Year. I have to say, though, finger or not, his hair looks markedly better. I was considering having him wear a tie and go as Donald Trump for Halloween it was so bad.

Also today, I racked up at the grocery store, buying $64.78 of products for $2.88. My rightful total should have been $1.88, but SOMEONE who shall remain nameless (Piglet) practiced with his scissors on my Coffeemate $1/2 coupon. What is it with scissors today? They are a central theme in my life today.

Something entertaining not related to scissors was when I came downstairs with the expectation that Mr. Pigs would have appropriately dressed Piglet for church in one of the two outfits I brought down. I had complete confidence that he could a) choose the best outfit and b) put it on him correctly being that Mr. Pigs is both a dude and a dude who dresses himself successfully every day for work. Alas. I arrived on the scene minutes before we had to leave for church to find Piglet dressed in both the red polo shirt AND the blue checked button up that I had laid out. I could have used some scissors at that moment, let me tell you.
Tomorrow is Monday, our catch up day. Piglet doesn't have school and for the first time in weeks, we have nothing to do. It's kind of a relief. We might make a little Target trip or hang in the yard. Maybe run with scissors?

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