Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Warning: Opinion Ahead

They had a big partay at preschool today. It must have been quite the throwdown because when I picked up my Piglet, he had gained two bright tattoos right smack on his forearms. Tattoos? I'm sorry, he's two! Really? Tattoos?

My Tats

If you're one of those people who think that temporary tattoos on children are cute and funny, feel free to disagree with me. BUT I THINK THEY'RE TACKY. And of course, today was the day that I chose to go to Kroger after school where the cashier and the bag person have to comment about how cute the fire truck and turtle are on his forearms. I was mortified.

- Note: I'm kind of watching "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" on TLC in the background, so if I write something random, I apologize. -

In other household news, Pigpen has been learning a lot. I think I mentioned that he was learning to crawl, walk, pull up, and talk kind of all at the same time. He learned to pull up about two weeks ago, and can stand for about ten seconds without falling, but only takes steps by accident. Today he mastered crawling. He's going in kind of a bizarre order, but it seems to work for him. He also got his first boo boo today in conjunction with his first crawling adventure. He took a little bash into the coffee table for his first face owie.

That's about all we have going on around here. I need to go clip some coupons, watch something meaningful on TV, and address some baby shower invitations. TTFN, friends.

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