Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Ending

Did I tell you that I was refilling my pepper grinder and it broke and peppercorns went all over my kitchen? That's the kind of thing I do, you know. I'm still finding peppercorns 5 days later. That didn't seem like enough, so today Piglet climbed up on the kitchen table (sans Gus) and found the new-to-him salt shaker which pours out really fast! He made 6 little mountains of salt before getting caught and in his haste to hide the evidence, he swept the whole mess, about half a cup of salt, all over the floor. Good fun, good fun.

I miraculously got both boys to sleep with a predicted 30 minute overlap and darted to the kitchen to get something for lunch. Heating my soup, I decided to give myself an extra treat: I was going to pee alone! Somehow I managed to cut the end of my thumb in my zipper after a hasty pee and bled all over the place, messing up my shirt. While cleaning up that mess, the doorbell rang, setting off Gus the Guard Beagle howling like he was being attacked. I screamed creative non-profane insults at him and opened the door to find that Mr. FedEx had dropped off a package for me.

Know what was in it? Twelve Ferraro chocolates. FREE ONES! I'm not sure if I've mentioned my new habit, but it' free things. Like kind of obsessively. I'm getting about 12 free magazines and at least 2 product samples in the mail every day. It is insanely fun to get free stuff. This, of course, is on the side of coupon scamming CVS and Kroger every week. Gonna go eat a chocolate now.

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