Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm so white trash

Due to my inlaws backing out on us for Thanksgiving in favor of her family, we were left with no plans. This was great in that I didn't have to cook again, but unfortunate that we had no plans. So we decided to order pizza. It turns out that despite the fact that I worked on Thanksgiving at Pizza Hut as a teenager, they are in fact closed. So Piglet and I went out in search of fast food on Thanksgiving night.

Being that it was 65 degrees, I put Piglet in the car without jacket or shoes. I won't even describe my appearance. We were merely headed for a drive thru. As luck would have it, nothing is open around here except for a Waffle House and a grocery store. I just couldn't face another turkey sandwich (remember, we had Fakesgiving last Saturday, so I'm on Day 6 of turkey), so I headed to the grocery store.

It was halfway through the store when I paused to assess my situation. I looked at Piglet - no shoes, dirty pants, belly hanging out of shirt, crust on face, yelling, "Gooooooooo!" and felt a bit embarrassed. It was only when I checked myself out in my house cleaning sweat suit, napped upon ponytail, and bandage where I half cut my finger off that I felt pretty WT. I'm sure the fact that I was gripping two frozen pizzas and a 6 pack of Bud Light while pushing a stroller didn't help.

It was really one of my better moments. My mom would be proud.

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