Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Age is just a number

Over the weekend, one of my best friends was in town and we went out to a pizza dinner on Saturday. After ordering beer, neither of us was carded and we were highly offended. I mean, we are young! We are spry! We are just a fuzz older than America's youth! Blasphemy, we griped.

Soon we recovered from our disappointment and took in our surroundings.

Me: The band is pretty good.

B: Yeah! And it's not too crowded.

Me: It's kind of loud though. Hard to talk.

B: And kind of chilly. (Pulls sweater from vast purse and snugs around shoulders)

Me: There's plenty of room for high chairs. That's a perk. Ooh, look! Spenda packets!

B: You should keep that at your house.

Me: Just tuck a few in your purse! You can use them in the morning.

We're not old.

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