Friday, September 26, 2008

Full Body Shudder. Don't read while eating.

I am going to be sick. I have almost thrown up about ten times this morning. Why, you ask? Well.

This morning, a new friend invited us to go to one of these indoor playground type places full of those inflatable slides and other fun kid stuff. Piglet had an absolute ball and Little Piggie napped in his stroller the whole time. Then the big moment came.

I was helping Piglet climb onto one of the inflatables. He hefted his girth up there and flopped onto his face. Then. He looked up at me in horror, licking a pink chunky substance from his lips. This was not his pink chunky substance. He had landed smack into a puddle of OtherKid Puke. It was all over his face, shirt, hands, and pants.

My breakfast rose into my throat and I struggled not to barf. Your own barf is bad, your kid's barf is worse, but OtherKid Barf?? Kill me now. I was having flashbacks to a kid named Chris in my class my second year of teaching who infamously barfed fabulously all over 3 desks before looking up at me weakly with a vomit string from his chin to his desk and saying, "I had eggs for breakfast." HURLP.

I raced to my bag of goods and swabbed every skin surface down with an antibacterial wipe, even his tongue. Is that bad? I don't care. The chemicals can't be as bad as some other kid's barf in your mouth, right? Once to the car, I stripped his clothes off and he rode home in his diaper.

Two hours later, I am still completely grossed out and paranoid that we are going to have some stomach flu plague go through our house this weekend. Please send positive anti-stomach bug thoughts our way.

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