Sunday, August 03, 2008

Where ya been?

Ah, chaos. We're moving in week. A week! It seems like every time I have time to blog there's 14 or 15 things on my to do list that need my attention. I have a vast pile of random belongings piled on my dining room table that we are not allowed to move. Each time a friend comes over, they have to take at least two things with them. So, if anyone has the need for any opened food items, cleaning supplies or partially used shampoos/lotions/liquors, come on by and pay me a visit!

Piglet is a wild animal. While he's done a relatively good job adjusting to Little Piggie, he's taken this to be a time of, shall we say, experimentation with his limits. Mostly harmless stuff like standing on couches, doing whatever he's told "no" to, or continuously tormenting Gus. He's also quite taken with hitting and likes to unleash on the plants, the dog, the furniture, and once on Little Piggie's diaper. He's learning about time out and finds it terrifically funny unless you take Froggy away at which point it becomes terribly sad. Overall, he does like his little brother and regularly updates me on what he's doing. The most common update is "Mama! [Piggie] DY-ing!" (crying)

Little Piggie is doing well too. He's gaining weight, up to about ten pounds at six weeks, and is sleeping what I think is really well for his age. As of this week, he's only been waking once at night for a 4am feeding. He's just started smiling, which is a nice change from his usual grumpy demeanor. He's awfully stingy with his smiles, preferring instead to impersonate Walter Matthau instead.

Walter Matthau? I am. Sitting in my den that's crowded with random pieces of furniture since we've had to order a new couch for the new house to replace the one that Gus had his way with once while we had the audacity to leave him whilst we vacationed last summer. The old couch is being reassigned to the basement in the new house. It will be Gus's basement paradise. Little Piggie is having his nightly wail. (He seems to enjoy a good cry off and on between the hours of 8 and 10pm before his long stretch of slumber which follows.) Piglet is conked out in his big boy bed to which he has become properly accustomed this summer.

My mind is spinning with plans and phone calls and things to do. I've arranged for a cleaning service to come do a "move in" cleaning on the new house. Normally, I don't believe in maids, but I'm kind of gakked out by the thought of cleaning someone else's potties and bathtubs. I need to arrange for a locksmith and call stupid Dish Network back on Friday to change our service to Georgia. When I tried to schedule a set up for Georgia a few weeks ago, the freaks switched my satellite to Eastern time and took away my local channels. The loon that I complained to told me that was the way is worked. Bunch of crackheads.

Okay, for someone who hasn't had time to blog in two weeks, I sure have managed to waste a good half hour here. I hope that helps with updates. Gus has been nagging me to get on the computer lately, so if he's good a post from him may be forthcoming.

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