Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scorpions, altitudes and diggie machines, oh my.

Well, I'm still here and things are going pretty well. I remember when Piglet was born I was shocked at how much longer it took to get anywhere once you packed the diaper bag, stroller, got barfed on, changed clothes, etc. Now I find myself beyond shocked....we'll go flabbergasted at how long it takes with two kids and a bus. Yet, I must go somewhere everyday or I will go completely insane.

Yesterday was a Target run. I made the grand discovery that Little Piggie likes to ride in a Bjorn, which I just got back yesterday from a friend here who was borrowing it. This is fabulous because it means that Piglet can ride in the cart with a seat belt (he stands in carts) as opposed to loose in the back of the cart, or vice versa with Little Piggie's carseat taking up the whole back of the cart and no place to put the goods. Piggie snoozed the whole way in the Bjorn and was happy as a lark. Oh, and? Today I went all the way to a Lowe's and back AND explored a really nice shopping area without using my GPS once! Hallelujah! I must admit I do miss the predictable reassurance of the grid system planned roads of Dallas. Never once did I get lost there. Oh, and Mexican food. I miss that too.

Some updates around here. #1, the most important, as we speak, erm....type, the Fence Guy just showed up with his Diggie Machine (which is going to send Piglet into fits of ecstacy when he wakes up) and went to get Materials for the fence. We could have a happy Gus by the weekend if all goes well. I have high hopes.

#2, perhaps the most alarming, was that Mike found a scorpion in our bedroom last night. That's right....a scorpion in our bedroom. We managed to live in Texas for six years and never see a scorpion, but we live in Georgia for one week and find one right smack in our sleeping quarters. I can't begin to describe the bug dreams which promptly ensued. Exterminator can't come until next Friday. Sigh.

Now the double whammy: #3 is that Piglet woke up sick this morning (are you KIDDING me?) with a cold and on top of that? My inlaws come tomorrow for the weekend. Enough said there. Pow, punch! Right in the gut.

My final thought, #4, is just an interesting observation. My neighborhood has such steep massive hills that your ears pop while driving out to the main road. For real. If there's an ice storm, we ain't goin' nowhere. Now I must go feed Piggie before the Fence Guy comes back and sees far more than he bargained for. Ta!

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