Thursday, June 19, 2008


Howdy from the hospital! I really like this hospital. I like that they have WiFi, good food you can select from a menu which includes chocolate chip cookies, nice nurses, and beds that go up and down. Boy, will I miss this bed when I get home.

Things are still going reasonably well here. Little Piggie is still in the NICU, but doing much better. He's gotten all of his breathing apparatus off and is breathing properly. Unfortunately, he has jaundice and has to spend his time now under the bright blue lights of his tanning bed sporting some foxy foam rubber sunglasses attached to a headpiece. He's also still on an IV. They just started letting him eat yesterday, which has vexed me greatly. Timing wise it worked out great because my milk came in last night, but they are ridiculous about making sure he eats a certain amount instead of just letting him nurse happily. This results in me nursing him (he's a natural!), then they feed him any extra milk I've pumped, plus formula up to 25 mL. It's crazy, but whatever. I'm trying to be flexible.

It's hard to be flexible when your boobs are two rock hard melons that come up to your collarbones and into your armpits. I don't think this typically happens with your second baby, except that I haven't been able to feed mine as often or as much as I'd prefer.

Also, my kidney stones aren't really gone. It turns out that they were just in hiding, masked by the spinal block leftovers until yesterday. Bah. So now Dr. Urology and Dr. OB are trying to figure out what to do and I have no idea when Little Piggie and I will be released.

In better news, we closed on both houses this week from the hospital. It's amazing what you can accomplish in one week if you really put your mind to it! Time to go attempt to pump my melons. Hope you're having a good one!

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