Saturday, June 21, 2008

An update to the previous update of the update.

Little Piggie has been taken off of everything in the NICU. Later today he is supposed to get released to my room so that I'll have someone to talk to and I'll stop bothering the nurses. Also, this means I can stop walking to the NICU all night to feed him. Here is a picture of the little booger now that he finally has all of the tubes and gadgets off of him. The red marks on his face are remnants of the aggressive behavior that the nurses cruelly inflicted upon him with tape and tubes. The nerve.

He looks a lot like Piglet did as an infant. They have very different personalities so far.

In other news? I PASSED MY KIDNEY STONE! This is major cause for celebration. The lucky nurse who strained my pee acted like she found gold. We placed it in a sterile container and shuttled it to Dr. Urine to find out what it's made of. You will have to remain on the edge of your seat while we wait in eager anticipation. It looked like a piece of gravel, in case anyone is interested in the hairy details.

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