Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Most Carefully Laid Plans

We got an offer on our house! Whew! Hopefully everything will go through and things will be relatively simple. It will be simply glorious to be able to take a break from this incessant vacuuming. As things are planned now, we'll be closing on two separate houses and having a baby in a ten day time frame. How's that for doing everything at one time?

Now the bad news. I weighed in at a pretty hefty weight this morning at the doctor's office. I'm already weighing as much as I did total when pregnant with Piglet. Those darn cookies and ice cream! (That reminds me that I have a Drumstick in the freezer with my name on it...) It appears that this baby is either large-ish, or that my due date is wrong. The potential incorrect due date does not thrill me because if the baby comes early, I have all kinds of plans involving parental help and plane tickets that will be wrecked. I'm supposed to be 34 weeks, 2 days. The sonogram measured the baby to be about 35.5 weeks, and the doctor's little tape measure on the uterus measured me at 36.5 weeks. Harumph. Grumble. I don't care much for uncertainty.

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