Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pigs' Steal o' the Day

If there is a Belk near you and you have children, you simply must go check out their clearance racks. I was shocked to find a veritable plethora of boys' toddler clothes from winter marked 75% off. More than the price reduction, I was astounded to see actual racks of boys' clothes! In almost every store I've been to, there are approximately 32 racks of adorable girls' clothes one token rack of boys' clothes, usually mixed in with girl stuff! It's outrageous, I tell you, if you're actually making the effort to dress your little boy in a dapper manner.

I present to you....Piglet's Fall Wardrobe 2008:

2 sweaters
3 pairs of pants
4 polo shirts
2 jackets
1 London Fog four in one coat
2 pairs of pajamas

Deal of the Day!

The retail value on this pile 'o clothes was $306. Pigs' price was $63.07. I'm as happy as a pig in mud after that purchase.

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