Sunday, February 03, 2008

Just Another Day

9:05 am: Remove clothing, get into shower. Piglet happily bangs on shower door trying to "catch" the water running down the glass. "Wa wa! Wa wa!" he screams in bliss. I try to wash and rinse as fast as possible because I know this will be short-lived that I can keep him in my line of sight.

9:07 am: Piglet grows bored and disappears into closet. Is strangely quiet. Attempt singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and playing Peek-a-Boo in hopes of luring him out to no avail. Shave, rinse, shave rinse. Hurry up, hurry up.

9:10 am: Piglet emerges from the closet, triumphant. As I dry off, I peer behind his beaming face to see the entire contents of Mr. Pigs' t-shirt and swimsuit shelf unfolded and stuffed into my delicates basket. He is super duper proud of this effort.

9: 20 am: Clothes refolded and stacked neatly on shelf under Piglet's watchful eye. Hand Piglet nice, safe ball to play with. "GALL!" he cries and runs off to bedroom, leaving me to hastily get dressed. Suspicious silence falls again.

9:23 am: Peek into bedroom. Contents of both Mr. Pigs' "White Sock Drawer" and Mr. Pigs' "Non-White Sock Drawer" [remember he's an engineer] have been enthusiastically strewn all over the bedroom. Piglet grins and pulls another pair of socks apart from their mates. "Uh oh!" he says with a gappy toothed grin. He notices my wet hair and begins patting his head, his own sign language for hairbrush. I sigh and hand him my hairbrush and begin to pick up socks. After brushing his hair, he decides to help in the Great Sock Endeavor and stuffs socks haphazardly into the wrong drawers and without their mates. [Horrors!]

9:26 am: Close drawers and stand up. Locate dog in bed and pull him out to entertain Piglet. Make bed neatly. Reclaim hairbrush and begin to dry hair. Piglet trots back into closet in search of his "gall".

9:35 am: Hair is dry. Piglet emerges from closet with clothes basket reserved for darks. He has taken the liberty of adding the whites to the load and is happily pushing it across the floor. He likes to push things. Decided to put on make up while he pushed basket around bedroom.

9:37 am: Piglet pushes the basket back into the bathroom, completely void of the clothes that had fully occupied it two minutes before. I peeked into the bedroom. Dirty clothes dangled out of our two bottom dresser drawers, carefully closed around the sleeves and pant legs that didn't quite fit. Gus stared innocently from the floor, his tail thumping the floor, pleased that this time it wasn't he who had done the bad deed.

9:41 am: The clothes carefully sorted from the clean ones in the drawer, I returned the basket to the closet and walked Piglet back to the bedroom to start him on some toys. I stared, confused, at the lump besmirching my freshly made bed. The lump shifted its weight and soft licking sounds could be heard beneath the rumpled covers. Deep breaths.

9:44 am: Dog evicted from bed and bedroom, I nodded, satisfied, at the neat bed and turned to finish my make up and hair. "Jay Jay! Jay Jay!" Though my child refuses to watch television, he has become enamored with the Jay Jay the Jetplane books and has just made the connection that I can make Jay Jay appear on the television screen as though by magic. I would be thrilled if he would watch it for a mere 10 minutes, but 20 seconds is about his limit.

9:50 am: Jay Jay playing on the TV, I finished up my primping and headed out to collect Piglet who was miraculously still standing in front of the TV. Except Jay Jay was long gone and many complicated menu screens covered my TV. The menu screens seemed to be in French, making it very challenging to back out of them correctly and locate the English setting.

10:00 am: By ten we were ready to go. Me, dressed. Piglet, dressed. Teeth brushed, hair fixed, shoes on. Ready to greet the world for a new day!

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