Monday, January 21, 2008

Mucinex gives me smelly rotten egg gas.

Life is crazy. The RSV fiasco is ongoing, apparently the cough can last 2-4 weeks. The inhaler makes Piglet more hyper than a monkey on crack. That's good fun. On top of this fun, he's cutting two molars and acting angsty when I don't cater to his every whim. His whims currently being wanting to water the plants 32 times a day, Swiffering the hardwoods, and turning the light switches ("Dats!") off and on. And off and on and off and on and off and on. These tasks keep him - and me - extremely busy. He's truly obsessed with water ("Wa-Wa!"). Water from the faucet, water in his cup, water pouring from the downspout, water in the pond behind our house. Water, water, water. He calls all plants "WA-WA!" as well because he believes they all need to be watered. Right now. For instance, in the Enterprise Rent a Car facility, he spotted two fake ficus trees. "Wa wa! Wa wa! Wa wa!" he yelled until I wheeled him out to console him that they had surely been watered and were taken care of. No worries.

Of course, you know that I contracted Piglet's nasty cold, which promptly turned into a nasty sinus infection. I've never experienced that before. My cheekbone ached, my jaw hurt to smile or talk, the roots of my upper teeth were sore. A very strange experience that prompted me to have my poor OB paged at 7:45 on a Sunday morning, something I've never done before. Two days later, I'm feeling almost skippy compared to my non-breathing nights and hacking days. Since I'm nearly in good health again, it's clearly time to get busy on this move.

Somehow in the next six months or so, I have to plan and complete the following tasks: fly to Georgia in last weeks of being permitted to fly, purchase home, get own house ready to put on market, sell Texas house, have baby, move across country, find new doctors, banks, friends, preschool, etc, etc. So right now I spend my days talking to movers, realtors, loan officers, hotels, car rental places, doctors, insurance companies, relocation services, and Home Depot. Did I mention that I have to replace my bedroom carpet before putting the house on the market due to one rectum dragging beagle? I won't name any names, but it's pretty nasty and unfortunate. Apparently, dog drag and Resolve can create a somewhat bleached look on carpet, not one that most buyers are searching for. Did I mention that our health insurance has changed management and suddenly Piglet's prescription has tripled and having his vaccines done once a month instead of all at once is suddenly a no-no? At least that's what person #1 told me, until I raised a stink and suddenly bigwig person #2 said no, #1 was wrong and now I don't know who to believe, all I know is Piglet needs some shots or I'm not going to be able to get him into preschool or mother's day out in the fall. Which! I can't register him for yet because I don't know where I'm going to be living, plus with a September birthday, he probably won't be old enough for a two year old program anyway. Gah!

I'd also like to state that I don't know how single moms do it because my husband has a huge deadline this week and is kind of MIA and I am zonked after one full day of Piglet including bath and bedtime and dinner alone. You might also be interested to know that Mucinex gives me smelly rotten egg gas, and that none of my clothes fit me and I have to somehow find something to wear to school on Thursday when I'm going to start teaching some writing once a week to the fourth graders. And it's not like I look pregnant, I just look like I've been throwing back one too many beers and got a little thick around the middle. I need to make more of an effort to blog, but it's just been hard to squeeze in the time.

Sidenote: If anyone knows anything about the testing in Georgia schools, I love for you to email me because from what I've seen so far, I'm kind of confused trying to figure out the schools around where we are looking. That is all.

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Linda Pereira said...

For months I have looking for a solution to getting rid of gas and/diarrhea while taking Mucinex. I discovered it's related to diet. Milk, sugar, and starchy foods seems to cause the issues. I was stunned to discover that I can't tolerate milk, candy/cake and corn anymore, but I have to take it for fibromyalgia, so I opted to remove them. If I eat them, I end up taking the only medication that works to remove the gas--Imodium. Then I get back on that diet and am fine.