Saturday, December 29, 2007


Whew! [Pigs collapses in sweaty heap on desktop, panting in exhaustion from trip.] We have returned. We have survived two (2) three (3) hour flights with the Piglet, approximately eighty-seven (87) relatives and family friends, and more food than I care to think about through my morning (evening) sickness fog right now.

The flights were probably the most eventful aspects of the trip. On the way out, I used every trick you guys gave me, some of them multiple times. The flight was a morning flight, so I didn't really expect Piglet to sleep - which he did not. It's tough to entertain a 15 month old for 3 hours. It really is. On the way home some glorious girl at the American Airlines (Yes!! I said glorious and American Airlines in the same sentence!) gave us an extra seat for Piglet and his carseat and even put us all together and moved us to the very front of the plane! Sweet bliss! He, despite it being naptime, still did not sleep, but was at least contained in one spot. Those of you who got my hopes up about your kids who don't nap well, but sure do sleep on planes? Pish posh, I say. Piglet has now established that he simply doesn't need naps. Bah!

The rest of the trip was a blur of people spoiling Piglet insanely and trying to keep him out of people's knick knacks, out of their drawers and off of their stairs. But? I got to read like crazy and got to my 52 book goal for 2007. Time to start over. My last Piglet post was met with picture requests, so I'll show you a few of my favorites from the trip.

We had one wholesome trip to the park. Piglet slid, Piglet swung (swang? Surely not), Piglet got dirty. It was good fun.

Slides Rock

Love to swing!

And, of course, Piglet got quality time with his favorite person.


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