Saturday, November 17, 2007

Those Darn Kids!

This morning there were two juvenile delinquents teengage boys putzing around Lake Pigs in my backyard trying to shoot a goose. One lone goose, who dipped in for a morning swim, innocently going about his day and these two mean boys are shooting at him. When I look out the window and see a boy with a rifle looking thing resting on his shoulder as he peers through one of those squinter-into-er aiming thingers, I think murder. Mr. Pigs claimed it was an innocent BB gun. First of all, I don't care what kind of gun it was, it's not innocent and he doesn't need to be trying to kill/maim/annoy a goose in my backyard. Secondly, those bullet thingies could come flying over my fence and cap me in the noodle. And don't say it couldn't happen, because odds are good that it would absolutely happen to me. [See Sink Falling on Toe Incident for further evidence.]

What's a girl to do? I sauntered over to the computer, looked up a number and called in the Law. That's right, I did. If I live in an area suburban enough that we were told "no" when asked if we could shoot a darn snake in our backyard, then goose torment by BB gun should be forbidden as well. I have to tell you that I took great satisfaction at peering through my window and watching those two forlorn boys, arms hanging scared at their sides, nod reverently at Mr. Policeman as he gave them what appeared to be a fairly stern ten minute lecture.

I think I may have become Mrs. McCluskey.

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