Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Price is Right

(Or, as I always thought it was called, "The Prize is Right.") I would like to state for the record that my new hobby is getting things for free. Perhaps it's my lack of employment driving this new urge, perhaps is my inner cheapskate taking over. I don't know, but it is DARNED fun! I know I've described my cash register moment 'o glory before, but I've never provided actual examples of my loot. My booty. My take.

Today was Target day. I checked the weekly ad. I scanned my coupons. I went in for the kill. Zipping up and down the aisles, I scooped item after item into my cart. Here was the final take:

How much would you estimate the following?

2 family sized bottles Suave shampoo

1 jar Mott's applejuice

1 box Pampers Cruisers (108 count)

2 packages Pampers wipes (120 count)

1 Halloween greeting card

3 Johnson & Johnson soaps buddies bars

2 - 8 packs of Reece's Cups (full size)

1 Target brand Benadryl (100 count)

1 - 2 oz St. Ives lotion

1 travel size Dove beauty bar

1 (2 pack) Elmer's Super Glue

A strange combination, I realize, but a good take, nonetheless. I ask you, faithful readers, what would be a fair price for these goods? I realize that none of you are probably as into this as I am, but I have such smug satisfaction that I simply must share my mad skillz with you. Your much awaited answer will be revealed soon.

-Scrooge Pig

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