Friday, October 26, 2007

Mind Poo

*head hung in shame*

Here I am again. Plagued with guilt about not posting. I don't understand how fall gets to be so busy. It seems like every evening and weekend there is something going on and my poor blog gets shoved aside. You are already aware of my Facebook Scrabble habit that requires an immediate login at the computer. You probably know about my DVR situation. Last year, Piglet was new and I was somewhat housebound during TV premiere season. I somehow managed to acquire a great many new shows, which was fine and good when I had all those good hours in the middle of the night to watch, say, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. This year? Same shows, no time. I'm three weeks behind on most of my shows. It's tragic, I tell you. And? I'm feverishly reading my book for book club on Monday because I wrote down the wrong date for the meeting. Sigh.

Some highlights since we've spoken:

- After being around 90 degrees on Sunday, it turned winter Sunday night. We are now in the 60s.

- Piglet truly believes himself to be a monkey. He now speaks in "ooh ooh ah ah"

- I had another run in with American Airlines. I suspect there will be a letter forthcoming.

- The change in climate has caused my chin to rebel by launching its forces from the depths within and declaring mad angry war, its primary weapons being swelling and redness.

- As you may have witnessed, nothing in my cabinets is safe anymore. This requires great vigilance and no idle computering.

- I have been beleaguered by a barrage of phone calls from Eddie in a panic over her Halloween costume(s). She takes Halloween very seriously.

So there I am. Full of excuses and not a lot of essence. Sounds like it's about time to do amp's Brain Dump again. Thought Log. Mind Poo. I'll get right on that.

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