Friday, October 26, 2007

24 cents

24 cents

That is all.

Addendum for Mindy's doubting husband:

All: $3.99 (sale)
Razors: $5.89
2 Revlon nailpolishes $4.59 (bogo free)
2 Maybelline mascaras: $ 4.79 (bogo free)
2 Crest Pro-health: $6.58
2 Energizer batteries: $11.38

Minus $27 in coupons.

Then realized they didn't give me my "extra bucks" back for the toothpaste I had bought, I went back in, they apologized and credited my card $6.98 and let me have them free, even though one of my coupons had been for buy one get one free. Mwah ah ah! This brought my total paid to $4.64.

Minus $4 "extra bucks" back to use next time from razor purchase.

Equals? 24 cents.

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