Sunday, October 07, 2007


My frugality is out of control. It has crossed a line. I'm not sure what exactly to call the line I've crossed, but I have to tell you that I have begun to dream about coupons. Just once or twice, but it's on my mind the way my job used to be. I'm not only robbing Kroger blind, it's extended to Walgreen's. And Target. And perhaps CVS. There's just so much free stuff out there and it's so satisfying to get it! I must have it! I'm afraid that I might need a psychological consultation. Perhaps a doctor's visit is in order.

Dr: What seems to be the problem, Pigs?

Me: I can't stop looking for free things.

Dr: Are you hurting anyone with this quest?

Me: Just my wrist. Carpal tunnel coupon cutting, you know.

Dr: I think you'll be just fine, Pigs.

Oh, whew! Looks like it's going to be okay after all. Say, did I tell you about the $110 I made in the last month just switching prescriptions from store to store? Mwah ah ah ah!!!

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