Saturday, August 18, 2007


Dude, what is wrong with China? I'm sure there's more to it than I know or understand, but how many baby bibs and toys are we going to have to have recalled for dangerous lead levels before someone comes up with a different plan? Is this because of outsourcing? Is this because no one in America does "lead checks" on products manufactured outside of the country before plopping them on store shelves and selling them at five bucks a pop to America's children? What is UP? I am so annoyed right now, with five of the offending bibs sitting in my kitchen with rips in the lead-ridden vinyl that has been recalled.

I realize that I am a cheapskate. Guess where a lot of the cheapest products are made? That's right, it's not the US of A! So I guess, by being a frugal shopper, I am actually the problem? Is that what I'm supposed to think? I wonder how easy it would be to find a bib that's actually made in America? I checked all of mine and none of them are domestic bibs. Guess I'd better go buy me some terrycloth and get to stitchin'.

But hey! No worries! Babies R' Us is going to give me my five bucks back! That makes potential lead poisoning all better. Sure.

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