Sunday, August 19, 2007

Do Worms Commune?

Omigoshomigoshomigosh. I think I just ate a worm. Or a worm's friend. Or possibly a worm's family member. I was innocently gnawing away on my nectarine when I looked down and saw Willy Worm up on his, um....backside, I guess, waving his torso in the air at me as though to say, "DOWN HERE! Watch out! Don't eat me, lady!" I'm pretty sure if he had arms, he would have been waving them.

First of all, how does a worm get into a fruit? The obvious answer would be that he ate his way in, but there were no holes. Was he born in there? I'm gagging just thinking about the gaping hole in the middle of my nectarine, which, I suspect, was like his living room or something. Surely he didn't live alone, right? I'm pretty sure I got some bonus protein with that piece of fruit. I gotta go brush my teeth now. Again.

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