Friday, June 08, 2007


I have managed to complete my list, as well as six additional lists pertaining to my impending trip tomorrow. If I don't have lists, I have nothing.

Tomorrow, I will be taking off for an NC/SC, visit the grandparents, hit the beach for a week, kind of vacation. Piglet and I will be gone for two weeks, but the word on the street is that we have wireless internet this year, so have no fear! I might even bring the beach to you.

In the meantime, Gus's caretakers have been aprised of the trip, given the key, handed the puppy treats, and fully prepared. Gus, on the other hand is engaging in typical suitcase-is-out-of-the-closet behaviors including, but not limited to, pantry scrounging, trash can dumping, excessive howling, and of course, pillow humping.

Sharing a suitcase with an 8 month old severely cramps my packing style. I hate the idea of wearing the same things over and over for two weeks. I don't like repetition in fashion. It's boring. Not that I'm going to be wearing much other than a bathing suit at the beach, but at night it's so nice to clean up at night and put on clean clothes and feel tidy and cute.

Speaking of cleaning up at night, my very, very, very favorite thing about going to the beach? Outdoor showering. For real. I love that I don't get goosebumps when trying to shave my legs, and how it's all warm and humid it. You just have to make sure that the neighboring houses can't peek down into your shower. That determines whether it's a bikini shower or a nekkid shower.

And so, with that image, I'm off. Tomorrow I'll be flying alone with an 8 month old who wants nothing more than to put the world in his mouth. Wish us good bacteria and the person beside me naps on the plane.

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