Thursday, June 07, 2007

Don't Procrastinate Now, Save It for Later

Um, I'm leaving on Saturday and have made no moves to plan or pack for this two week trip. I have no lists. I'm panicking that I have no lists, but I am so disabled by my panic that I can't seem to make a list. It seems like a better idea to just go have a nap. Stick my head in the sand. Rest up.

I was actually out late last night. Okay, late for me, which was like 11:15pm. My tennis partner and I played some of America's youth last night, much to our aged chagrin. Upon seeing that our opponents were 19 and 21, respectively, we vowed to beat them. We promised to obliterate them. We outlined their certain defeat. And then we almost had heart attacks. Those girls were some good competition. Because we are stubborn and would not go home losers, we fought our way through 12 games, then a tiebreaker to win that set, followed by another 10 games to win the second set. We are the great American heroes. Oh, wait....isn't that G.I Joe?

This post is becoming progressively more rambly. Long story short (too late), we clearly had to have our celebratory beer after that win, and I didn't get to bed until close to midnight. Then Piglet decided to wake an hour early this morning for no apparent reason. Thus, my weary mind. My weary mind which is actively avoiding making a list of things to pack.

I'll just start here so that I can go take my nap:

1. clothes
2. bathing suits
3. sippy cups
4. Tylenol
5. Harry Potter 6
6. camera
7. monitor
8. Piglet's frog
9. toys
10. sunscreen

There. That's a good start.

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