Thursday, June 21, 2007

Things #131-140: The Beach Edition

131. I really like tan hands. Just mine, you know.

132. I'm kind of scared of periwinkles because they look like roaches.

133. My favorite thing to do is to sit in the edge of the waves in my low beach chair and read for hours.

134. I have peed in said beach chair in said position many times before. It saves a trip inside. You just have to make sure you pee as a wave washes over you.

135. I like to drizzle wet sand through my fingers to make witches' castles. I also like to rub wet sand on my legs and pretend it's a spa treatment.

136. I can ride a wave all the way to shore sitting atop a raft like it's a horse. This takes mad skillz.

137. Once I was doing this very trick with Cousineddie by my side and she rode over a huge wave's crest and landed flat on the back of the very boy she's been stalking all week.

138. Hushpuppies should be sweet, not like cornbread.

139. Only an outside shower will do at the beach. There's nothing like a warm breeze on naked buttocks. Plus, when else can you shower with lizards?

140. I generally like to eat somewhat healthfully, but fried Calabash seafood is the exception.

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