Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Right, so being at home in my old childhood bedroom, I really start looking back in time and checking out my old stuff. I was niccin' for something to read and starting to get that antsy feeling that my book stash was running low, so I headed for some books that have been on the brain lately.

See, AMP found this blog that basically reviews Babysitter's Club books, discussing them along the way, and I was instantly hooked. I used to be an absolute BSC addict back in my day and have, um, all of them. At least as many as were published when I finally outgrew them. In, oh...ninth grade or so.

Shut up.

So last night, I read Kristy's Mystery Admirer. I fell back into the land of Stoneybrook, CT where Kristy's Krushers softball team finally beat Bart's Bashers. The land where Stacey still has diabetes and the Babysitter's Club includes people from nearly every race and culture just to make everyone feel warm inside. It was really pretty awesome. I just might read another one tonight just for kicks. Maybe, maybe even one of the Super Specials if I'm feeling punchy. You know you're jealous.

Just to get in the mood, I'm going to go put on my old scrunchy and pull out my Bangles tape. And I'm going to call Eddie and talk to her on my corded telephone from inside my closet, just so I can twirl the cord around my finger like Mary Anne Spier. Uh huh...yep. Bet you wish I'd call you too.

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