Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dear American Airlines,

I'm just wondering why it's necessary to load an entire planeful of people, get them seated and settled, only to tell them less than five minutes later that you have bad news....there's at least a 45 minute delay. Wouldn't there be less chance for air rage if the people were in a more comfortable waiting area? Say, in chairs? With food and water luxuries about?

After 45 minutes of plane sitting and playing mind games about the possibility of leaving, you then let the people off the plane, telling them not to go anywhere because you might leave at any moment. My patience was much better pre-Piglet, but I hate, hate, hate to be that person on the plane with the squealing baby. I purposely schedule flights for naptimes to avoid this, but a two hour delay really throws a wrench into my well-laid plans.

I realize that you cannot control the freaky Dallas weather. It has been raining in Dallas for nearly two months now after five years of no rain. I feel like I live in Seattle. I'm fairly certain that you, American Airlines, do not care about my weather sentiments or my fascination with the grass that is miraculously still green. I also realize that I have digressed.

You're going to get by this time, American Airlines. No scathing letter this month, but I want you to know that this is only because of the kindness of the lady at the DFW desk who let my 53 pound suitcase slide without so much as an eye bat. So you be on alert, American. I'm sure I'll have to fly again soon.

Until then,

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