Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"It was awesome! It just kept coming!" -Eddie

So, Eddie arrived last night in all her glory. Usually, she's beleaguered with Eeyore-esque dreary comments ("I'm sure they lost my luggage." or "That'll probably smell."), but last night she entered my home with a different tale that caught me off guard.

Sitting on the couch commiserating about our dual flight struggles trying to fly into Dallas this week, she's suddenly struck with a thought.

Eddie: Oh! I have to show you something!

Me: Okay.

[Eddie races from den to retrieve an empty candy bag from her gear. She appears to be pilfering through it.]

Eddie: You HAVE to see what I pulled out of my nose today!

Me: Do I? Really?

Eddie: I have never gotten something this long from my nose before. [Poke, poke, pause] Oh darn. It broke.

Me: Rats.

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