Monday, May 14, 2007

Toothless Narcoleptic

Alert! Alert! There is big news on the homefront! Are you ready? You might want to sit down for this announcement. Brace yourself.....ready? Piglet got his first tooth. That's right, the little turkey has a new chomper. Turns out though that he's kind of a freak. Babies are supposed to get their bottom middle teeth first. I've been watching and waiting, waiting and watching, and lo and behold, that bad boy sprung out on top! He looks like a little beaver, poor Piglet. I guess he's going to do things his own way.

New Toof!

Here's my fear: He sprouted this tooth at 7.5 months, precisely the time period that his trusty baby book said such a tooth was supposed to come in. Said book also mentions that the lower middle teeth are due in at 6 months. Does this mean he has no bottom teeth?? What if he has to get some sort of baby partial? Do you think my insurance will cover infant dentures? Will he ever be able to eat corn on the cob? What if he only has two top teeth and everyone calls him Bucky? What if I have to change his blog name from Piglet to Beaver? I'm very, very concerned about his future with his peers.

Speaking of his peers, how do you think young children will react to his chronic narcolepsy? I have the only child who fell asleep during swim lessons. As in, while we were in the pool practicing his back stroke kick, he fell asleep. Well, I was making his legs kick as he lay on his back, but still! ASLEEP. Is cold, chorine-laden water really conducive to sleeping? What about when we were at the park and all the other kids are squealing with glee from their baby swings and Piglet.....well, Piglet's off to dreamland. Conked out. Catching some zzzz's. What's up with that?


Do you think he's going to get beat up? The Sleeping Wonder Beaver? Do you??

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