Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Okay. I realize that I don't have a lot to think about, and this is going to be evidenced by what I am about to pontificate upon. BUT....

Alright. Boys and men have for many moons blathered on and on about the vast amount of pain they allegedly endure when they are struck in the nigglies. Personally, I can't imagine that it's really that bad. Afterall, it's really the only pain they have to suffer.

So, after snapping the crotch snaps for the millionth time on Piglet's change today, I began to wonder. Why is it that boys have shorts and pants, and girls have skirts? I can't imagine why boys, with their seething pain potential, would want a crotch in their britches. Imagine the wedgie potential. Is it so that boys can whip it out and girls can squat? From back in the Survivor-esque caveman days? It would make much more sense to me that boys should wear the skirts.

Also? Boys' bikes versus girls' bikes. Why on earth would boys have the bar if, as they claim, the searing pain is such a possibility? And what is that bar for, anyway? These are the thoughts that busy my brain while I'm changing poopie diapers. And these are the questions which I pose to you, dear readers.

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