Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Work With Me.

Call me old fashioned, but I think that some social traditions should be honored. For instance, if someone sends you an invitation that reads "RSVP by March 3rd", I think that you should RSVP by March 3rd. Or at all. Just RSVP would be nice.

When I have invitations made these days I always include both my phone number and my email address to make it as easy and painless as possible. I know people, who shall remain nameless, who are squinchy about calling people they don't know and get all nervous and stressy about it. Use the email! What could be easier? Perhaps they'd like me to go door to door and personally inquire as to their intentions.

Even big events, like a wedding, where someone is paying $35 a plate for you to be there....people still don't RSVP. It's a level of rudeness that I don't get. I call the host as soon as I know my plans. Some people think that you are supposed to wait until the date on the invitation to call, which I suppose is fine, that is the deadline afterall. Others must think that March 3rd marks the beginning of the RSVPing opportunity because I received two phone calls last night. But I have to say, at least those people called. It's the ones that assume I will just sense their intentions for attendance or lack thereof that vex me.

It's quite uncomfortable to have to ask people for their RSVP. I mean, I spent 50 cents on your invitation and 39 cents on the stamp and a good 30 seconds of my time hand addressing the envelope and affixing a return address label. You'd think the least you could do is drop me a line with a "yes" or a "no" response. So simple! I'd like to remind you that it did not, in fact, say "I will be calling you on March 3rd to follow up on this invitation and collect your response."

There. I have it all out. I know that some people just don't know any better and it really isn't any skin off my back if they don't winds up being the shower honoree who has to track their friends down. I'm gonna get my RSVP's one way or the other. I've got punch to plan, people! Snacks to make! Seats to provide! Work with me a little.

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