Sunday, March 25, 2007

TV A Go-Go

I've mentioned before that my TV viewing habits increased dramatically when I began nursing Piglet, as it passed the time. Now Piglet is only eating five times a day and is much quicker about taking care of business and I have been left with a superfluous overload of TiVo. This poses a problem as I've gotten hooked on some very silly shows.

The first thing I did was scrap my Sabrina the Teenage Witch fascination. After all, I've now seen all of the episodes. I will forever associate Sabrina and Salem the Cat with middle of the night feedings.

But, see, now American Idol has come into the picture. Yes, I watch, no, I don't vote. I'm a big fan of The Blake. I know Melinda and Lakisha are awesome singers and whatever, but he's different. There's always girls on that can sing like they do, but he's spunky. I'd listen to his radio songs. That's all I have to say about that. My point is that it comes on twice a week, which just adds something else to watch. I will point out that American Idol can be watched in about 20 minutes if you utilize the fast forward TiVo button and skip over all the stupid stories and the contestants holding their fingers up to tell you what number to call to vote for them. They lose my support when they start in on that stupidity. It just looks dumb.

I'd say my favorite shows right now are Grey's Anatomy (which my friend who is an intern in Seattle currently says is completely ridiculous and unrealistic, but pooh on her) and Ugly Betty. And then America's Next Top Model. Do I watch trash, or do I watch trash? That show is just unavoidable. Can't stand Tyra Banks, yet love the show. It's such a train wreck. I still watch Survivor, but I wouldn't list it as a favorite. I am disappointed by the use of a "luxury" camp and a regular one because half those people aren't really on Survivor. They're on, like, My House is Outdoors. It makes it unfair and I don't like unfair. It's dumb.

In the comedy category, I like Monday and Thursday nights. I really like How I Met Your Mother and The New Adventures of Old Christine. Love, love, love The Office and 30 Rock. I'm afraid that 30 Rock is going to be one of those awesome shows that not enough people watch and it disappears. And The Office, well, that's self explanatory. Funny, funny stuff.

So now that you think my entire life is dominated by television, I have to talk about The Hills. This is a show to watch if you want to feel very together about yourself and your life. You will feel smart when it's over. You may at first feel as though you've lost a few brain cells, but in the end, you will realize how together you are and how dumb those girls are. DUMB GIRLS. They date the biggest jerks on the planet and swoon and swoon over them. That Spencer guy? Hello? Huge jerkface anyone? Yet Heidi is smitten. I am curious though why the nightclub that they always go to doesn't get in trouble for serving all these underage kids when it's broadcast on television. Am I missing something?

There. Now all of my secrets are out. Discuss.

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