Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So my book club. Last night we met about a book which involved some things Jewish (#9 on my reading list over yonder <----) and we were to bring a Jewish food with us to the meeting. Well, we're in Texas. I suspect there are Jewish people here, but I don't know of any. In fact, I have not met a Jewish person in the 5 years I've lived here, but this information is beside the point. The point is that no one really knew what to bring, including me. I called upon my my trusty buddy Dr. Google and was surprised when hummus came up repeatedly as a Jewish food. I know hummus! I'm good at hummus! One of my friends in Raleigh gave me a fabulous red pepper hummus recipe a few years ago and I've not parted from it. The only problem was, I never thought of hummus as a particularly Jewishy food. I thought it was Greek. Or Middle Eastern. This thought was confirmed by my other friend, authentically Jewish, in Raleigh. She said she didn't think it was Jewish either. But you can buy it kosher in the grocery store, so I was then confused. I figured, "Ah, well. I'm in Texas. I know the hummus, so I'm taking the hummus." And so I did. Along with some pita bread and an extra bottle of wine leftover from the bridal soiree from the other weekend with a new label hand affixed to it which read: Authentic Jewish Wine. Since other items at the meeting included kosher pickles, potato chips, and cheesecake, I can't have done too poorly. But I really do want to know: Is hummus Jewish? I'm perplexed.

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