Monday, February 19, 2007

Ode to the Snot Sucker

Oh, blue bulb of suction, you're my saving grace!
You never waste time, that snot's out post haste.
You suck out the nasties with speed and with power!
I rinse you out often, so nothing goes sour.

Your job is completed with style and with spunk.
A nostril will never be left filled with gunk.
My baby's first cold, no problem, you're in there!
His opinion, I'm afraid, remains less than fair.

He sniffs and he snorts and he cries in dismay.
He doesn't understand; he can't breathe the right way!
As the blue bulb approaches, his red eyes grow wide...
There's no way he's letting that thing get inside!

Twisting and turning and fighting he goes,
As the snot sucker invades his very small nose.
A squeeze and a slurp, everything all comes out!
Snot sucker, my friend, you I never doubt.

Snot Sucker

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