Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I can't remember if I've talked about my grandmother on here before. She's 96 and a half years old and quite the entertainer. About fifteen years ago, she took a fall and damaged the part of her brain that tells her what's appropriate and inappropriate to say (her filter) and has been wide open ever since. She lives in an assisted living memory care facility and once told one of the nurses that she was her very favorite nurse because of her very dark black skin which proved that she hadn't been "mixed". For real. My mom wanted to sink through the floor.

Each holiday, we look forward to seeing who she will target this year. Currently, she thinks that Piglet is my mom's baby and that my aunt is married to her son-in-law and has left my uncle who she's been married to for 40 years. All of this because my mom was holding Piglet and my aunt sat beside her son-in-law at dinner once.

Two of my favorite interactions from Christmas Day:

Me: [conversationally] What's wrong? You look really bored!
Grandmother: Well, you look really fat!
Me: Thanks.

Mom: Mom, do you know whose baby that is? [points to Piglet]
Grandmother: [studies Piglet] Yours.
Mom: No, I'm too old to have babies. That's Pigs' baby.
Grandmother: Well, you could. You're just too lazy!

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