Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Inopportune leaflet

Do you ever wonder where those word strings come from on the random junk email you get? I am clueless about the point of those. If anyone knows, please enlighten me.

Piglet's a month old today. To celebrate, he gets to go to the doctor! Poor kid. I can't believe it's already been a month! That went by fast. It could be the sleep deprived fog I've been moving in, or maybe the feedings every three hours that have made the time fly by. Who knows? Perhaps it's the lack of food. If you look online about things that you eat that could be bothering a baby's stomach, you will come to the conclusion that you are to subsist solely on poultry and rice. Gone are the days of dairy, chocolate, caffeine, green veggies, spicy foods, peants, or wheat. Gone, gone, gone. I'm only doing the first five right now. Wheat and peanuts have to wait until I see if this makes a difference.

What else? It's turned cooler and I've realized that I don't have clothes appropriate for being around the house in cooler weather. Unless I want to sit around nursing and doing laundry in dress pants, heels, and a button up blouse, I've got to get myself to an Old Navy, stat.

This summer has really taught me to appreciate rainy days. They are so luxurious and relaxed. It's supposed to be cloudy and rainy all day today and I just want to hole up in my sweats and watch The Break Up, my current Netflix wonder. The second season of Sex and the City should be arriving shortly. I think it's important to expose the Piglet early to a character like Samantha. Completely appropriate, no? I have to watch TV while I nurse or I'll fall asleep. I'm working on mastering the art of reading while nursing, but at this point, he just has to be burped too much for that to work out. So Sex and the City it is.

Daylight savings time is this weekend! I get a bonus hour! It could not come at a more opportune time. I'm excited about Halloween too. Just to sit on the porch and see cute costumes will be fun. I am extraordinarily vexed about the lack of fun size Reese's Pieces on the shelves of stores, though! I found them at my ghetto grocery and haven't been able to locate them anywhere else since then! All candy has chocolate on it except those and I love, love them. I have to buy the fun packs because I have no self control. If I bought the big bag, I'd eat the big bag. What kid wouldn't want Reese's Pieces in their Halloween bucket?

Speaking of buckets, I remember one Halloween in Ohio when I was about ten. It was important in Ohio to come up with a costume with which you could also wear a coat. This particular year, I dressed as a birthday present. My costume was a large wrapped box with a hole on top for my head and I think a ribbon on my head. Don't remember. The important part was that I truly thought I was so supercool because I could store my loot on the inside box flaps of my costume. Then I ruined my cool factor when my glasses fogged up everytime I got near someone's front door and the heat hit my cold glasses. Bummer.

Time to move on. Laundry and dishes await. Ooh la la! You envy my glamourous lifestyle, I can sense it.

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