Friday, September 08, 2006

"You have a stain on your shirt."

I went to school today to visit some of my former inmates coworkers and have lunch. It was nice to see people, but the fun part was attending the 5th grade recess to see some of my kids from last year. Some select comments for your amusement:

"Your stomach is really hard!" [poke, poke]

"My mom sweats a lot too. She's fat too."

"Why are your feet darker than your face?"

"You're still skinny even though your stomach's big!" [am sending this child candy immediately following publication of this post.]

"Did you have the baby yet?"

The last comment came from our favorite Mr. Owens. I'm glad to know he's still in rare form. Well, not for him, I suppose.

After hearing about the latest staff meeting, the new assessments, the missing administrators, and the switching of students to new classes because of parents request after school has started, it confirmed for me that I only miss the kids and my friends. The job? Don't want it!

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