Monday, July 03, 2006

Picture Post, Part One

A few weeks ago, I asked for picture requests. Here is the first set in no particular order. Do enjoy! And of course, comment excessively. These things take forever.

Eddie for whatever reason requested Gus' left rear paw pad. I think she meant his right one, which has a toe pad that he's never walked on because he's prissy and steps daintily when he walks. It's finally starting to not look so pink:

Photo   7

She then requested Gus wearing a ski hat on his head, but we really have little need for ski hats in Texas, so I don't actually own one. Finally, she asked for me in my ugliest maternity item. Thus far it is the gaucho pants from Target that I said I would never wear. They are pretty horrible, but I just got home from a trip and all my shorts are in the wash.

Photo  19

Leesepea and Shannon asked to see the inside of my refrigerator (ooh, la la!) :

Photo   8

Shannon asked to see the current book I'm reading. Eddie gave me this one at the beach. It's your typical whiny chick lit about a girl not being engaged. Her boyfriend won't propose. She's sad. The end. I think I'm reading 1984 next, but haven't been to the library.

Photo  11

Shannon continued with the front page of the newspaper:

Photo   9

...and flowers from my yard. They are a little withered and weathered, but not bad considering we're under stage 3 water restrictions and can only water once a week:

Photo  10

And the mail for the day. I've had my mail on hold for 8 days, so this is a bit excessive, I know. Please, please note the TWO new jury duty notices that I received. In case you're counting, those would be numbers 7 and 8 in the last 3 years. Just for the record.

Photo   1

black out

Aims wanted to see my favorite spot to relax. This is where I spent the majority of my week at the beach:

blog beach

She also asked for my least favorite thing to clean in my house. I know this is gross, but Texas has some weird cricket problem. Extermination takes care of spiders and other varmints, but is slower on the crickets. I hate picking up the dead ones:

Photo  16

She also requested my boxed up teaching stuff. Most of it is in the attic, but here's my math boxes (which are probably her favorite items anyway since she used to borrow them) all stacked up and ready to move into the attic:

Photo  12

Growing-girl asked to see the most embarrassing, guilty-pleasureful CD's in my collection. I was torn between these two. I'll let you decide which one's embarrassing and which one's a guilty pleasure:

Photo  15

Erin wanted to see the one thing that I hoped no one would ask to see. I hadn't thought about this before, but I'm going to go with my husband's half-grown in toenail. He seems to have a toenail problem in which they, well....fall off. Usually when playing basketball. Tons of kids have stepped on my toes, and they've never fallen off. For Pete's sake, an entire sink fell on my toe and the nail didn't come off. It's something no one should have to look at, though he's strangely proud of it:

Photo   7

Her beagle, Lucy, wanted to see something Gus enjoys. He chose his favorite sleeping spot:

Photo  14

Jen's beagle, Sierra, wanted to see close ups of Gus' whiskers and tail. He was not pleased when I came at him so closely with that flashy thing:

Photo   6

Photo   5

MommyProf asked for the single best baby purchase, but I couldn't decide, so I narrowed it down to the baby bathrobe and slippers a student gave me, the tiny pair of Clemson tennis socks my dad gave me a year and a half ago (think he was hinting for anything?), and the lobster teething ring from another student:

Photo  17

Finally, she requested the best teacher gift I got this year. It was a $100 Visa gift card from my class for my birthday. I'm going to use it for baby stuff:

Photo  13

Leesepea asked for a picture of Gus getting a bath:

Augustus takes a bath.

And she asked for my weirdest pregnancy craving. I know it's not weird, but it's pretty much my focus right now:

Photo  20

There were several requests for pictures of the nursery so far, but we had a slight set-back when we began to assemble the crib today, only to find that they had packaged it in a way that a support board was stuck (think Texas heat, I suppose) to the front railing. When removed, it pulled away paint. So now we are stuck and annoyed. Have to call the store tomorrow. Anyway, here's the nursery in its current state:

Photo   4

Photo   5

Coming in the next few days:

* Me on the Best Raft Ever
* The much anticipated belly picture
* Burnt Texas lawns
* My guilty pleasure
*Something in my favorite color

* And of course, anything you suggest here. Just for you, my little peaches!

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