Monday, June 19, 2006

Once Upon A Time...a tale of yore.

There was a princess who worked at a camp. We will call her Pigs. Her job at the camp was working in a place called headquarters, which was basically the camp store/post office/candy store. There were a lot of bugs at camp. One day the princess decided that she would take care of the bugs by hanging strips of fly paper from the ceiling. So she did. Later that week, the girl was climbing up on the counter to get a t-shirt from a high shelf that she had just sold to a camper when she found herself unbecomingly attached to the ceiling. It seems that her hair had become ensnared in the aforementioned fly paper which was now covered in various critters of crawling nature, some still writhing pitifully. There was some screaming and some loss of hair as the girl descended from on high atop the counter. It was henceforth declared that there would be no more use of flypaper in the headquarters kingdom.
The End.

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